National Hotline Numbers and Contact Information

This is an ongoing project to collate and vet anti-trafficking hotlines and helplines in Europe.

To contribute or verify information for your country or organization contact us


  • Is this a hotline for women who have been trafficked to call?
  • Do you have a special training for crisis situations?
  • What languages do you offer?
  • Are there concrete steps you offer someone who is calling (e.g. locating them, sending immediate help to secure them)
  • Do you send police, social workers or someone else?
  • Is the call recorded and is there a follow up what happened to the woman that called in case you sent help?
  • Do you have addresses/connections to safe houses?
  • Is this a 24 hour - non stop hotline, or are you closed at some point?
  • Is this call free? Will this number show up on a phone bill?




IBF - Intervention Centre for Victims of Trafficking in Women

Number:  00 43 1-796 92 98
Hours: Mon, Tue, Fri: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Thurs: 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Language/s Spoken: Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Bambara, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chagga, Mandarin, Croatian, Czech, Edo, English, Eshan, Farsi, Foula, French, Hungarian, Italian, Kambe, Kunma, Liso, Lunyakole, Mandinka, Markagne, Ndiago, Nyanja, Pare, Pegeon, Polish, Portuguese,Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Serer, Slovakian, Soninke, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Taita, Toucouleur, Turkish, Visaya, Wolof and Yoruba.

Assessment: Overall, a very good hotline, very equipped and capable of different languages.






Hope and Help 

Additional Info: NGO,  Operates two national hotline numbers by USG funding.

Number called: 80080801

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

Additional info: NGO

Number called: 80050558

Assessment: The first number does not exist, the second one is to obtain credit.




Number: 00 32 2 511 64 64
Languages: any language
Open: 24-7


Number: 00 32 3 201 16 90


Number: 00 32 4 232 40 30





National Hotline for Victims of Violence

Additional Info: operated by Foundation “Animus Association”

Number: (national) 0800 186 76 (international) 00359 800 186 76

National Hotline for Children

Additional Info: operated by the State Agency for Child Protection and Foundation “Animus Association”

Number: (national) 116 111 (international) 00359 116 111



Additional info: NGO
Number: 0800 77 99


La Strada

Number: SOS Hotline 00420 222 71 71 71
Hours: Monday -Thursday

Languages: Mon- Czech & Russian, Tue- Czech & English, Wed- Russian, Czech, Romanian Thurs- Czech

Assessment: First contact and consult then cooperate with the client to help out of situation. If it's not dangerous the team goes by themselves (social workers) there is always a meeting with the client and cooperation with the client. If the client agrees, they are also able to send a police force. No recording of telephone calls. There is a follow up. La Strada is based in eight different countries. Additional Services: La Strada provides different services inc. safe house for men and women, legal services, consultation.


Number: Magdala Project Non-stop Hotline: +420-737 234 078


Additional info: German Organization working in the Czech Republic
Number: +42 0776426292



The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking

Number: 0045 70 20 25 50


Human Trafficking Prevention and Victim Help Hotline

Number: 00372 6607 320


System for victim assistance

Number: 00358 71 876 3170


National Coordination for protection of victims of human trafficking hotline

Number: 0033 825 009 907

Assessment: Caters to professional organizations only. Will help them but does not directly assist victims. Social workers and police call them. They care for the victims and network. 



Additional info: Violence against women support hotline

Number: (national) 08000 116 016 (international) +49 8000 116 016

Languages: German, English, French, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian etc

Assessment: The national hotline with very equipped social workers. They know how to deal with trauma and crisis situations, and can offer direct help and addresses to the location from where the woman is calling from. If KOK is involved it´s reported and recorded so transparency is given and police can be trusted. Depending on the situation the appropriate help is called.


A21 Campaign

Additional info: Human Trafficking Resource Line

Number: (national) 1109 (international) 0030-2310-525149



Victims of Domestic Violence or Trafficking Hotline

Number: (national) 06-80/20-55-20 *freecall  Hours: 24-7
Languages: Hungarian and English
Additional info: Crisis Management and
Information Hotline
Number: (international) 0036 80/20-55-20

Assessment: Every worker has different college degree and they are trained to handle crisis. They try to rescue the ladies when they receive a call, but they are not allowed to tell us how and where they take them.




Hotline for the confidential reporting of suspicions of trafficking

Number: (national) 1800 25 00 25 (international) 00353-1800 25 00 25

Assessment: International could not be reached when calling internationally. 



National hotline against trafficking

Number: (national) 800 290 290 (international) 0039 800 290 290

Assessment: Can´t call - no valid number or not able to call from outside of Italy


OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the Interior Ministry anti-trafficking and domestic violence helpline

Number: (national) 0800 1111 2 (international) 0383800 1111 2

Assessment: The correct number is 080011112. Right now they answer only in Albanian but said that they used to speak English, Serbian and Roma but now they only have the capacity for Albanian.

UNMIK's Victim's Assistance and Advocacy Unit (VAAU)

Number: (national) 044080 90 (international)00383 44080 90

Additional info: +383 is the official Kosovo number, until 2015 the Serbian one +381 was used as well



Hotline against trafficking (in Latvian)

Number: (national) 8000 20 12 (international) 00371 8000 20 12

Hotline Drosa Maja

Number: +371 28612120* Not free to call
Languages: Latvian, Russian, and English
Hours: 24-7

Assessment: They operate depending on the situation by first collecting basic information and then determine steps from there. They involve police and social workers if the situation calls for it. They do not record calls, but they document the conversation and follow up as needed

Hotline Marta Center

Number:(national) 8000 2012 (international) 0037167378539 *not free to call

Languages: Latvian, English, and Russian

Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm

Assessment: Will involve police, social workers, psychologists as needed; also access to crisis centers and rehabilitation facilities.


Klaipeda Social and Psychological Services Centre

Number: (national) 8 800 66366 (international) 00370 8 800 66366 or 370 5 248 3373

Missing Persons Families Support Centre

Additional info: anti-trafficking NGO
Number: 370 5 248 3373 or 370 5 248 3353 or (national) 8 800 261 161


Luxembourg national contact for expertise in the field combating and preventing of trafficking in human beings

Additional info: Police Grand-Ducale
Number: 00352 4997 6210

Centre d'Intervention National

Number: 00352 4997 2341 (out of hours)



National Council of Women in Macedonia (SOZHM)

Additional info: Supported by government funding
Number: 070 141 700
Assessment: It is available only from a t-mobile (which is one of the operators in MK ) phone number, which mean if your phone number is not part of t-mobile you can't reach them.

Open Gate-La Strada Macedonia

Number: 0800 11111
Assessment: may only work from within Macedonia


Vice and Economic Crime, Police General Headquarters

Number: 00356 2294 2000



La Strada

Number: 0 800 88888 (within Transnistria region) or 373 533 86030 (outside Transnistria region)


Additional info: Transnistrian NGO

Number: (national) 0800 77777 or (international) 373 22 23 33 09


Center Plus ("Centar plus")

Additional info: NGO
Number: 067 355 155

Home of Hope ("Dom nade")

Number: 020 646 090

Montenegrin Women's Lobby ("Crnogorski zenski lobi")

Additional info: NGO
Number: 020 656 166


CoMensha (Dutch)

Additional info: Meld M, part of Crime Stoppers International and funded by the Ministry of Justice

Number: (national) 0031 33 4481186 (international) 0800 7000 0031 800 7000


National Police Directorate, Coordinating Unit for Victims of Trafficking Official Norwegian Government

Number: 2336 4145

The ROSA Project

Additional info: state-funded NGO w/ safe house providing assistance to women victims of TIP

Number: 2233 1160
Hours: 24-7


National Intervention and Consultation Centre for Victims of Trafficking

Number: 0048 22 628 01 20



Hotline against trafficking

Number: (national) 800 202 148 (international) 00351 800 202 148

SOS Imigrante,

Additional info: hotline for all migrant situations

Number: (national) 808 257 257 (international) 00351 808 257 257




Hotline against trafficking

Number: (national) 0800 800 678 international) 0040 800 800 678
Hours: Mo-Fr 8am-4pm

Assessment: The hotline was “out of order” the day we called, due to some technical issues. According to the director it´s primary goal is to “prevent, raise awareness and to identify possible victims”. 


Angel Coalition/TVAC in Moscow

Additional info:

Number: (national) 8 800 200 2400


MVD Department Kursk Region

Number: 4712 368590 or 4712 568970 or 4712 568902



ASTRA Anti Trafficking Action

Additional info:

Number: +381-11-33-47-817

Languages: Serbian and English

Hours: 24/7

Assessment: This is a good contact. It is a hotline for abused women. When someone calls them they contact the police. Depending on the case they send police or social workers. The phone calls are not being recorded. They are kept anonymous. They do not have a “safe house” center, but they have the contacts to specific ones and are then sending the women there.

Anti Trafficking Center

Additional info:
Number: +381-11-32-39-002

Assessment: After several attempts to reach this number, no one was answering it. 

SOS for Women and Children Victims of Violence

Location: Vlasotince
Number: +381-16-874-744

Assessment: A lady picked up the phone and said that this is a private number and no organization. She didn’t know anything about the initiative to help victims or such. 

Center for Girls

Location: Užice

Assessment: This is a private number of some man and there is no organization behind this contact. 

Association of Women and Mothers ANNA

Location: Novi Pazar
Number: +381-20-312-402
Languages: Serbian
Hours: 9-5 Work days

Yes, this is also a hotline for women who were abused.

Assessment: When someone calls them they offer the help through the institutions such as police, or center for social work. They said that they are the last ones who can intervene, that the police and center for social work are the first institutions that take actions and then it’s them. The phone calls are not recorded. They only have one contact to the “safe house” called “Vesna Stanojevic” in Belgrade (which is quite far from Novi Pazar). They do respond if it’s some extraordinary situation and police calls them to intervene, for that they are available at any time.

Victimology Society of Serbia

Additional info:
Number: +381-11-30-34-232
Assessment: After several attempts to reach this number, no one was answering it. 



Slovak Crisis Center DOTYK

Number: 00 421 903 704 784


KLJUČ KEY- Society, Centre for the fight against trafficking in persons

Number: (national) 080 17 22 (international) 00386 80 17 22


Institut de la Femme

Number: (national) 900 191 010, 900 152 152 (international) 0034 900 191 010
0034 900 152 152


National Support line

Additional info: a national telephone support line for women who have been subjected to threats and violence

Numbers: (national) 020 50 50 50 (international) 0046 20 50 50 50

Languages: All spoken languages in Sweden. They have interpreters for all languages that they have received calls from.

Hours: 24/7

Assessment: This is a line for women who has been exposed to violence. All of the employees are either nurses or social workers and in addition to this they need to have at least 5 years of work experience in their area and learn certain methods for communicating and conversing with people in those kind of situations. In urgent situations people should call 112 (SOS). It is never recorded. The person calling is totally anonymous if she wants to. It does not show what number she is calling from and on her phone bill it does not show that she has called the number which is also free to call. They have connections to safe houses and can give them advice on where to turn locally if they need to go to the gynecologist or someone to talk to etc. They can also support in how to make a police report.


Additional info: NGO that runs a national helpline for immigrant women

Numbers: (national) 020 52 10 10 (international) 0046 20 52 10 10

Hours: Monday-Friday at 8am-5pm

Assessment: They could not take my call even though it was in these hours. 


“End Human Trafficking Now!” & “Friends of Humanity”

Additional info: medical service, safe house and NGO contacts as well as police

Number: +41 22 80 707 62 or (national) 044 436 90 00 (international) 0041 44 436 90 00


Languages: French, Russian, Spanish, English, Italian


National anti trafficking hotline

Languages: Russian, Turkish, Romanian, English

Number: (national) 157 (international) +90 312 157 1122



Additional info: for victims of human trafficking or people having information that will help lead to the identification and recovery of victims in the

Numbers: UK: 0800 555 111 (international) 0044 800 555 111

Assessment: A machine answers and you have to press numbers e.g. they ask you to call from an emergency situation to call 999, if you are a victim of a crime or  want to talk to a police to press 1 and if you want to report something hold the line and they connect you to an agent.