Hope Dies Last is a ministry of Youth With a Mission. All long-term staff are required at minimum to undertake a Discipleship Training School, relevant YWAM Secondary Schools (or similar) are a bonus. Our Schengen visas are based on our volunteer status and all staff are required to fundraise for their own salary.

Service/Staff Opportunities

Accountant /Administrator

Minimum Commitment: 1-2 years

Requirements: Previous experience/competency. Experience with US based nonprofits a plus.

Descriptions: Do spreadsheets excite you? Is an office supply store your happy place? We need a competent and passionate administrator to join our vibrant and innovative anti-trafficking team. We create, print and distribute thousands of prevention and education resources across Europe every year. You would be a much loved and respected part of our team and a crucial component in fighting with us the injustice of human trafficking. 

Anti-Trafficking Ministry Staff

Minimum Commitment: 1-2 years


Descriptions: You'll join an innovative and creative ministry team reaching those who have been trafficked into sexual exploitation. You'll have an option to do front line ministry as well as work in a local safehouse. You would help facilitate teams, leading them in effective intercession and worship as well as debriefing and mentoring them. You'd help facilitate the distribution of our resources to ministries across Europe and would help us evaluate opportunities for additional programs. 

Bible distribution / Outreach workers to women involved in prostitution

Minimum Commitment: 1-2 years

Requirements: Spiritual maturity

Descriptions: Join us as we take the Gospel to some of the darkest places in Europe! You'll learn principles of effective intercession as you minister to men and women involved in in the legal and illegal sex industry 

Communication/Social Media

Minimum Commitment: 3 months +

Requirements: Proficient in Adobe software, Final Cut and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other evolving platforms).

Description: As Communication and Media staff, you'd work with our vibrant media team to counteract the injustice of human trafficking with your skills. You would be a welcome part of our Budapest based team as you learn to responsibly and ethically publicize work in the anti-trafficking field. Your role could involve developing our website, updating social media, creating short videos, and occasional ministry newsletters.  

Graphic Designer/Web Programmer

Minimum Commitment: 3 months +

Requirements: Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite or Web Flow

Description: As a Graphic Designer or Web Programmer with Hope Dies Last you would be based out of Budapest, Hungary but work with us in the 16 nations of Central Europe. You would be involved in creating innovative and creative anti-trafficking resources serving grassroots teams throughout the region. You would work alongside us as we build the online presence of small bases and draw in much-needed students/staff. You'd be welcomed into a vibrant and exciting professional community!

Intercession & Worship Leader/Staff

Minimum Commitment: 3 months +

Requirements: Experience, competent musician. 

Description: We believe that worshippers pave the way for all ministry! You would be a part of a vibrant and active inner city team based in Budapest, Hungary. You would help facilitate times of worship for the local community, would potentially provide the soundtrack to short videos and would help us reach the region!


Minimum Commitment: 3 months +

Requirements: Administrative & Independently resourceful on a team

Description: Human trafficking research is vital to the effectiveness of an anti-trafficking team. You would work regionally analysing and presenting relevant and up to date data on this injustice. In addition, you could develop your own local research projects. You'd be a welcome part of a vibrant team!


Minimum Commitment: 3 months +

Proficient in Final Cut or Adobe Premiere with a full frame to mirrorless camera

Description: You would ideally be a proficient videographer who can capture and edit short to long videos for the purpose of front line work. You would work with our media team to create prevention videos for schools, support videos for anti-trafficking ministries in Central Europe and more! You would be a welcome part of our community as you learn responsible and ethical media skills.